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March 27, 2009

Temporal Disturbance

I am really confused.  Until about half an hour ago, I was completely convinced that it was Thursday today.  Utterly, totally, 100% convinced.  Despite having seen probably hundreds of instances of the word "Friday" today, on things like emails and the bottom right of my screen, I remained completely sure of this.

I even assumed that when someone asked me for details of a birthday dinner on the 27th, I sent them to them, and thought they were being keen for getting the details a day early.

Then I went to eat in college, nicely filling my stomach before the (expensive-ish) birthday dinner.

And it's my brother's birthday tomorrow, and I was going to sort that out "on Friday"...

And I had a work plan involving reaching a certain point by the end of the week...

Really confused.

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