May 2009 Archives

May 6, 2009

DRI Update

I posted an update on the progress of Glamo-DRI on the Openmoko devel mailing list.  The VRAM handling stuff I mentioned before now works...

May 4, 2009

Command Queue Submission

This week I got the command queue handling for Glamo to work in the kernel.  This means that command control of the chip can now be shared between multiple applications.  After a little bit of fiddling with clock registers, I was able to draw a rectangle on my FreeRunner's screen, with hardware acceleration, using a very short program.  It's not really exciting enough to show a screenshot, but you can trust me that it works :)

Ok, so there's a long distance between drawing a rectangle and OpenGL, but it's an important milestone.  The next piece of the puzzle is to do the same thing for Glamo's VRAM...