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November 20, 2009

Comments Enabled

Due to popular demand, I've enabled comments and trackbacks here.  Please don't all spam me at once... :)


thx :)

Have you heard of Wayland project by any chance?
Looks like it's tightly related to KMS and other your work (which is great btw :)


Thanks also here for your efforts. I didn't remember to mention to you previously directly, but I gave one talk at FSCONS (Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit) about KMS on Neo FreeRunner:

http://losca.blogspot.com/2009/11/fscons-over-gave-talk-freerunner-again.html (at the bottom)

Note though that the video (I had to leave from the conference before my pre-scheduled speech so I created a video) was recorded some time before the conference and didn't include any changes done in November. But indeed gtkperf seemed ca. 2x slower under KMS than UMS at that point. I haven't now tested KMS regarding gtkperf for a little while.

I didn't have that much special to present there, and I have myself still the white-screen-on-resume problem when using KMS, but I just wanted to give your work some more visibility once again :)

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