Installing Colloquium

Getting Colloquium

Colloquium is 100% free and open source software. The licence is GNU GPLv3.

The target platform is GNU/Linux, but I'm told it also runs on Mac OS. It should be possible to run it on Windows, but I haven't tried.

There are no packaged downloads at the moment. Download the source code using Git:

$ git clone git://

Colloquium uses GTK3 and the Meson build system. Install the dependencies if you don't already have them, for example:

$ sudo dnf install meson gtk3-devel


$ sudo apt install meson libgtk-3-dev

You will also need GCC, Flex and Bison.

Set up the build directory using Meson, compile and install:

$ meson builddir

$ ninja -C builddir

You can run it from the build directory:

$ builddir/colloquium

Or install it centrally:

$ sudo ninja -C builddir install

$ colloquium

After installing centrally, you should find Colloquium in your desktop environment's application menus.

Development status / Get involved

Colloquium's development status is alpha test. I've used Colloquium in various versions, for almost all of my presentations since about 2011, and it's never embarrassed me by crashing in front of an audience. However, while editing you should save and back up your work as often as possible, and bring a little bit of patience.

Git repository: git://

Or, on GitHub at

Please report bugs on the GitHub issue tracker.